Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Video storytelling in campaigning

How can we better use video in story-telling?

What length video works for orgs?
Defining what you want the video to achieve

How do you promote your video?
Best practices using comedy
People include themselves into a video and pay to show up in the TV ad
in-house video teams or making a video cheaply
video-hosting service
seeding videos in blogs or into websites
interactive videos - personalised

Storytelling - how do we actually tell the story using video - showing people new inventions and showing people how to use it. - People reporting human rights abues

youtube video volunteers - people make videos on a topic when you ask them cos they are keen
episodes - done on Twitter with photos by Save the Children

Guides for volunteers telling stories - raisingvoices

Hardest bit of the video is editing bit

Advice to people was to stop video after 1 min because people won;t watch more.

Amnesty's Invisibles - 4 x 10 min films - 500k views

Need to think why you are making a video - who is the audience?

Audio slideshows - can be more engaging than a video.

vimeo pro channel - you can see where people drop off - as well on youtube

Example of Comic relief slums package as an innovative, different way of telling a story that people can identify with.
rather than telling the story in the usual way charities do them.

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