Monday, 19 January 2009

Charity virtual gifts

I am looking at virtual gifts that are out there in the market.


mix of photos and illustration

What you get (fulfilment)
fridge magnet, giftbox with DVD (celebrity-packed)
personalised card/ecard
Choice of ecards - so you can send a Christmas ecard and a goat magnet and card! - value for money!
envelope can say "Do not open until......"

9 themes with 6-9 gifts

'eco-warriors' for climate-change related gifts
'super women' for women rights
extra stuff
- wedding lists and wish lists (via login)

'I am happy for Oxfam to use my money for something else if need be' tick-box (more)

- celebrity DVD
- youtube videos promoting the gifts (celebrities)

What you get
Voucher - so you can choose how can the donation be spent (in which country)
This is a fantastic way of capturing gift recipients!!

Buying experience
personal message
goes directly to recipient
choose card design to go with your chosen amount
preview of the voucher with the personal message
interactive online catalogue
Christian Aid

- celebrity video explaining how the scheme works

Buying experience
- e-cards
- prices in euros
- promotion of other products
- recipient reviews
- can't buy without registering (bad bad bad)

What you get
- e-card
- no idea! couldn't find out from the website! (because I didn't want to log in)

Photos not illustration

Buying experience
- if you liked that you might like these....
- buyers comments as they buy
- wishlists (but 36 gifts)
- chose a card, different ways of personalising


- youtube videos promoting the gifts (online catallogue)

- celebrity endorsment (What others are saying)


Other ideas
Katine village - interactive tour
Kroo bay - webisodes