Monday, 29 September 2008

elections websites

Looking for different ideas for election websites.

1) use of the Web as a resource space - downloadable resources, customizable print resources (posters, images, etc)

2) vote match + reminder - quiz that matches your views with the views of candidates and reminds you of your choice on the election day - pluggs into social networks etc.


4) write to your MP, London assembly, Councillors

5) Community action

6) Obama's action centre

7) Canadian Make Poverty History

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Use of new media in the UK - August 2008 Ofcom report

65+ age group

This report must've been music to the ears of everyone working on new media communications for charities.
It's common knowledge that most of charity supporters are 65+ and that this age group was somewhat lagging behind in adopting new media.

Well this is now changing according to Ofcom report:

1) The growth in the take up of the Internet is faster amongst 65+ that other age groups but has fell year on year
2) They visit similar websites as the Internet user base as a whole
3) 63% of 65+ say they communicate online in comparison to 76% of adults.
4) They use the Internet for 1) transactions (42%), news (22%), contributing comments to someone's blog (21%) (sic!)
5) Mobiles not very popular.

"green" gadgets

Ofcom also investigated peoples perception of greener lifestyle

1) 72% of consumers say they care about environment but only 39% actually compare environmentally-friendly aspects when purchasing communications devices.
2) only 30% are aware of the obligation for retailers to take back and recycle old equipment for free.

Friday, 5 September 2008 - ah - what a website!

What is it about this website that is so brilliant?

Communication style and content

As soon as I came to the home page I knew what the website was about and what I was meant to do. And that is because three red buttons on the left clerly indicate that this is about your personal involvement in fundraising for this project.

What NGOs call 'issues' or 'educationsl content' is secondary content - on the bottom left.

This website is a perfect example of how to communicate online - a text-light website, focussing on video. Video clips are short and narrated in an accessible, everyday language.

Acknowledging that watching 33 case studies could be too much they offer a Guided tour of the project where they present 5 projects covering different issues related to lack of water.

Live updates of the latest on the website - new pages, new donations, comments - make the content of the website fresh 24/7.

The ask is very clear and there is an ask for a specific amount.
The fundraising model is also interesting - instead of doing wish-lists people are invited to put money towards the project.

Flash - a bit annoying because you can't navigate directly to some pages, but it means that website owners have a very good control over how people will interact with the site.