Sunday, 7 September 2008

Use of new media in the UK - August 2008 Ofcom report

65+ age group

This report must've been music to the ears of everyone working on new media communications for charities.
It's common knowledge that most of charity supporters are 65+ and that this age group was somewhat lagging behind in adopting new media.

Well this is now changing according to Ofcom report:

1) The growth in the take up of the Internet is faster amongst 65+ that other age groups but has fell year on year
2) They visit similar websites as the Internet user base as a whole
3) 63% of 65+ say they communicate online in comparison to 76% of adults.
4) They use the Internet for 1) transactions (42%), news (22%), contributing comments to someone's blog (21%) (sic!)
5) Mobiles not very popular.

"green" gadgets

Ofcom also investigated peoples perception of greener lifestyle

1) 72% of consumers say they care about environment but only 39% actually compare environmentally-friendly aspects when purchasing communications devices.
2) only 30% are aware of the obligation for retailers to take back and recycle old equipment for free.

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