Wednesday, 23 March 2011

the next big thing

Facebook 0 - east africa - free internet but you can access FB. Issues with net neutrality - because some stuff is free some isn't.

beluga - messaging service for a group of people- bought up by FB

Lots of new internet domains

Facebook places winning over fousquare

micropayment apps - PayPal, FB credits, Itunes - when you can donate a small amount

Blue calypso - getting payed to advertise to your friends yourself - backlash - spotting astroturfing, churnalism. com - shows difference btw journalism and PR - a lot of articles are re-worked press release -influencers on Twitter - mixing your online and offline influence

backlash next big thing - more investment in getting info from social media

Browsers become a social web -
Passport to use the web which has all your info on it - and that means that websites interact with you based on what's on your pasport. Web standard - Fb wants to offer an ID for you - web standard - something that will allow all this data to be put together.
Servers hold encrypted data and personalisation happens locally.

Enables push notifications - like on iphone

Social search - content so personalised that people's views will not be challenged.

There is a value in curating content for people - an this could be the space charities occupy? Not sure - is this what we are there for?

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