Tuesday, 23 March 2010

ONE Goal mobile presentation

by David Ryder, Y6 Media


The only thing that's being asked of people is to campaign. No donation asks.
Mobile - a great way of getting public support for the campaig.

Linkup with mobile networks - everyone will be receiving an SMS. Free to send free to reply - deal with network.

Once they agree to receive SMS updates they get free downloads - celebrity support so very sticky content.

Normal response rate is 8%. For ONE campaign - 30% - because they will have cool content - concert, merchandise, etc etc

Starts 20th April.

In developing countries:
- deal with major African operators to distribute texts.

No charges.

Content is essential - because that is why users are getting involved. Also it needs to be easy to do. So for 1goal - with a wealth of excellent celebrities they shouldn't have an issue.

1goal - mobile phone app - it'll be fun - something people will want to play with/use which has a good message behind it.

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