Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Good agency: the business case for supporter engagement

by Matthew Sherrington of the Good Agency
(a bit patchy, sorry, short attention-span)

What do we want?

time, money and influence= change

We are all marketeers. marketing our causes. Understanding who you talk to, where they are at, how to speak to them, etc etc


people are changing
technology is changing
market is changing
organisations are changing

It's all about change.
Joining the dots - helping organisations make the link

Supporters are changing

- they are not interested in everything you have to say.
- they are old - what's going to happen with organisations between the time the new generation of supporters has been created and nurtured.

Older generation - fulfilling their needs - once basic needs fulfilled, spiritual needs are next.

- people's understanding of needs is changing.

Younger generation is more interested in political issues
(BM: REALLY? Who is obsessed with plastic surgeries, Xfactor and fame then? Majority aren't I'd say...

- motivation - guilt, belonging, compassion, inspiration - Maslow's hierarchy of needs

Technology is changing

Market is changing

- online banking, shopping, etc...
Sorry - got a bit distracted - it's all stuff that I kind of know...

People want to be inspired. We should email people more.

Organisations are changing

Organisations - They want to grow and they need the influence.
The key to orgaisaing people is to listen to what they say the issues are, and then either nudge them to live up to their own standards or get them to understand the source of their pain. Gregory Galluzzo, Changemakers

Donors who campaign

Greepeace US-30% of donors were exposed to actions.
House parties to save the whales. Bake-offs etc..

(BM: yes yes yes but this is Greenpeace! they are campaigners first, donors second. What about development charities ????)

Retention rates of donors approved dramatically with participation in campaigning.

Save the children gaza campaign is an example of a good fundraising and campaigning action, but it's a spur of the moment.

Business case

Campaigners and fundraisers are both stats people so we should get silo-busting and talk to each other in order to get the funding.

We are not talking about campaigners or donors or activists - they are just people who want to engage with you. What's the best way of engaging people. And it's not just about online, it's offline too.

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