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Ecampaigning forum: Campaigning and Fundraising - Together again by Care 2

Notes from the eCampaigning forum. - apologies for typos - will tidy up later.

Help justify your ecampaigning expenses through fundraising.

Impact on fundraising
14% in online giving 2007-2008 (stats from Convio). More and more people giving online.
cross-over btw campaigners and donors

Donor Centrix 2008
11% of donor revenue is online
9% of donors have given 1 gift online
half online donors - new
online donors account for 16% of all new donors and 27% of NEW revenue
online donors migrate to offline giving

Acquisiton expensive - most budgets switched online,

Lifetime value is extrending. if the organisatio ins;t tracking, no way to make that case!!!!

Email is still the king.
Size of organisations' email list is propotional to the amount raised online

Online actoivists don;t need to be recruited online. Most successful conversinos thourgh direct mail, online marketing, other channels. is this because of the nature of Dm programmes which are tailoerd for print.

online fundraising programme needs a good offline fundraising programme. ecampaigning is a good lead generation.

Silo busting - who funds a message, who owns supporters?

Important to brek down the barriers. Data shows that talking to people with different messages makes them more committed.

It's not just about fundraisers having access to campaigners but also reaching out to donors for campaigning asks.

Email is The way of raising money online.
Social networks - revenue low:
Save Darfur - FB Caiuses raised $28,000 while email $415,000
What is working on FB is the birthday donation on FB.

On social networks need a social permission to ask for money - such as a challenge - bike ride, swim, walk. Otheriwse it doesn't work.

New Media gateway - really good graph showing what people do online -

eCampainging is the fastest way to grow your email list.
Video really useful but very hard to plan the viral effect.

IRC - online audience grew from 16,500 to 59,000 via online petitionsm viral growth - 25% from viral.

React quickly. Build the list for big moments.

advocacy email response rates are highest
Response rates:
fundraising - 0.7 - 0.6%
enews - 2-3%
advocacy 5.5-6.3%
eBenchmarking study 2009

People who have taken action online are 2.3x more likely to donate.

National bureau of research - Charitable Evidence from a large scale online experiment

Techniques for getting activists to donate.
- welcoming - sequencing of messages.
Soft ask - (p.s. in an email) donation ask after taking action

Online actions provide a context for asking for full contact information.

Converting donors into actions has been done but no data publicly available.

Demographics of the people giving online - younger than traditional. New generation of donors. The avearge age of direct mail donors is very old. Actions are a way to access this new younger group.

Challenge in boiling the campaigning issues down (as they can be complex and borinng - hence not a recruiter)
Segmentation - essential - sending specific messages to specific people - levelof knowledge/interest. We'll be seeing the increase in segmentation on ecampaigning emails.

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