Tuesday, 23 March 2010

ecampaigning open space: Email

zombie lists
email best practice
segmentation and landing pages

Open rates
50,000 list - 10 % open rates
5% click-through rates

450,000 - 20% open rate
5% click-though rate - low, how to revive?

Hitting people with specifically targetted content might revive them.

To ways of reviving:
= different offer to the way the people were recruited
= asking people twice then survey of why they didn't take action

Three email systems

What days of the week people send emails:
- Monday morning bad timing
- Tuesday's good
- email newsletter - weekend - good respose


- high value donors
- one-off donor
- other donors
- people who click on specific links

- thank you emails/page
- video of people saying thank you + action - jump in conversions

HTML and plain text
- you can get better stats
- plain text emails look like an email from a friend - should be utilized a bit more.

Split testing - usually takes 24h - but learning about your audiece is good - what they respond to how they.

Merging lists is absolutely fine - people don't unsubscribe and they are interested in more than one thing. Data protection statement needs to be as wide as possible but you need to segment carefully so that people don't get emails which make no sense.

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