Wednesday, 24 March 2010

eCampaigning forum: KitKat campaign

Palm oil production makes Indonesia one of the highest emitters of greenhouse gasses. Because huge areas of forest have been destroyed to create palm-oil planatations.

Sinarmars is the target of the campaign.

Two years ago a big campaign against Unilever re palm oil. Companies have engaged, source their palm oil from sustainable sources but not Nestle. They have been buying palm oil from Sinamars.

Started with an orangutan demo in Croydon.

Video produced - shock-tactics

Youtube removed the video. Greenpeace uploaded video to Vimeo. Also offered the video file for download to supporters.

This was perfect for the campaign to go viral.

Greenpeace made suggestions that people should raise the issues on social networks.
Nestle responses rude - which made people even angrier. Nestle's management of social media was clumsy and it spiralled out of control. The only thing Greenpeace could do is inform people about what's been going on.

Eventually, Nestle apologises. Even in the description of their fan page they say: "Social media: as you can see we're learning as we go. Thanks for the comments."

- 100,000 email sent 700,000 video views
- enthused supporters base
- blogosphere writing about it. everyone amazed by how Nestle handled the campaign on Facebook.
- excellent platform to launch next stages
- emails not received by Nestle as they blocked the Advocacy Online IP


- this is a fantastic social media event - it doesn't help the end goal of the campaign. Need to move on from Nestle and focus on the issue of climate change.

- risk that there is mob out there which will just switch to another company - similar to Robin Hood Tax and banker-bashing

So what next?

More to come this afternoon on the greenpeace website - call Nestle.


- plan for success - Greenpeace knew that Nestle will react but could never hope for the reaction they've got.

- passion vs mob - how do you channel the passion of people who hate bankers and have therefore support Robin Hood tax or they hate Nestle because of their handling of social media/baby milk scandal. How do you move people towards your cause? Do you even try?

- copyright - how do you decide how far you can go? Parody is very well protected in Europe and US. Greenpeace used this approach for Esso and Apple.

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