Wednesday, 24 March 2010

ecampaigning open space: Semantic web

Bunch of notes - will try to tidy up later...

RDF - resource description framework
Microformats -
my brother - example of formatting
foaf= friend fo a friend

Drupal 7 will have this installed by default. BBC has all the info already available in this format.

Ontology which lists all the relationships - not standardised. But can be reconcilled between different parties.

The opportunity is for all the info about projects to be put into one place. LIke here
or - can tag a document with a lot of semantic context based on what's in the doc.


A number of websites talk about a same project - describing it with title, description, people, budget.
if we agreed the list of tags then we can share this project data accross websites.
Also, update the info about the project in one place and it spreads everywhere.

Possible application - link the data so you can find the information such as water expert close to you in a place in Africa.

Privacy statement

Privacy commons - we all sign up to the same set of rules. Same principle as Creative Commons.

You confirm identity in one place - open ID principle. You can confirm which of your data you are happy to be shared via semantic web.
Or you can have a token which allows you to login anywehere else - which means access to your data is time-limited.

Data portability pledge - organisation state that they want to release their data under.
It's about making supporters life easier in finding data. It's not focussed on benefitting NGOs.

Semantic web tries to make sense of data sets that you can get in search at the moment. So in summary it's a glorified search. Search with "intelligence".

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