Wednesday, 24 March 2010

ecampaigning open space: MyDavidCameron

Clifford Singer
Sparkly web agency director

3 spoof websites

- bubblewrapped - spoof website around the banking crisis
- The other tax payer's alliance

Taking on the tax payer's alliance who are anti-public service. Tax payer alliance quotes generator, guide for the media.

- - had a go with different messages and then released a template to people. Genuinely viral, peer to peer.
It started off as a single web page with few spoof posters. Other people contributed functionality. After few weeks a web developer provided a poster generator.

- it went viral witout the tools to easily share in social networks. It didn't matter initially but it was important to sustain the interest a bit later.
100,000 visitors within a week.

- spoof of Tory's RIP campaign, then "I didn't vote Tory before...."

Most of contributions were rude and not that funny. But other were brilliant.

- most of traffic came from Twitter. Minority of people but a small surge on Twitter causes peaks in traffic - people tell others about it through other online media.

Facebook and Twitter highest referals. 35% direct traffic - people emailing URL to people, 16% of traffic Facebook, 7% andybarefoot (poster generator)

Celebrity promotion
Bill Baily tweeted the URL - 10 times more visitors within an hour.
Other people took up the idea of poster generator - for example for calling for the referendum.

Media coverage - Daily Mail - first to cover the story. Traffic came from that too.

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