Wednesday, 24 March 2010

ecampaigning open space: 38 degrees & chatroulette

38 degrees
Monitoring the stats in order to understand what works what doesn't.

They had a sign-up in the header - this was confusing - people thought that by signing up they were signing the petitions. When they removed the signup form the header they saw an increase in people signing a petition.

On thank you page - they added counter + Share and Tweet. This increased the engagement. They used Google optimizer for these tests and it confirmed all these changes.

Counter increased conversions by 20%. When they added feed of people's comments activity increased 40%.

Tom - Torchbox

chatroulette- you can choose who to chat to. Press F9 to move to the next person.
Talking from one machine to another machine via Flash 10.

Exposure to the humanity in it's full "beauty". Some lovely and fun people but you have to see a lot of masturbating in order to get through to someone normal.

However the technology can be used for ecampaigning.
- peer to peer support - for people who are less able to be out in society (MS patients)
- activists linking with supporters - people who won't get arrested or go out on the streets but will be excited to meet thos who would.
- ask an expert

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