Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Relationship building and fundraising

Tom Latchford, Raising IT- works with charities of all sizes helping them use web and social media..

three things:

1) taking collective action, tapping into existing communities

Leveraging people's close connections. The growth of Facebook was successful because they tapped into existing (university) networks.
St Paul's hostel/soup kitchens - asked for help to get people signing up to help them, volunteer.
They've put together a website before Christmas - asking people to take collection boxes into their churches - they collected 4,000 tins of soups. 400 signed up to be volunteers. Then next week collected 40,000 tins of soup.

MacMillan - same model of tapping into communities. There was none, so they set out to develop a community. But if the target is 1,000 in order to raise a million.
People signed up and immediatly were asked to be a team captain - so they saw this challenge as a challenge ot for themselves but for their network as well.

Introducing justgiving pages. They have just launched teams which taps into this potential.

2) segmentation

Seeing how well other sectors are using it - for example TESCO -
Using an example of online gambling - it went really big because technology gives them a lot if information about the people around the table.

By knowing people you can get them to do what you want.

Obama campaign is a good example - it was top-down coordination but it empowered people to spread it to their networks.


raw data
customer insight
value levers (comms channels)
effect on segmented groups

[hm, not sure what this is - I think it's over-complicated the idea/process of segmentation]
CRM looking at individuals as well as their networks so that the networks can be take on a journey

Also mobile apps for fundraisers - so people can give by mobile - going through the roof
Raising IT have a CRM which seems to do similar stuff as justgiving (worth checking out if they are better than JG or Aartez)

3) taking people in a journey from taking action to become social advocates using social media - creating

Introduced he Seth Godin funnel:
“A new set of online tools makes this approach not just a possibility, but also an imperative for any organization hoping to grow. Give your fan club a megaphone and get out of the way.”

Looked at Twitter followers for the dyslexia charity and analysed their reach. And based on that targeted people with big reach and getting them to recruit more people..

Looking at Groupon model and see how charities can use it.
Used this for WWF - end result is face to face fundriaising... UNICEF uses the same tool.

Would be interesting how this model would work with campaigning??

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