Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Charitable World Cup mania

The number of World-Cup related websites, widgets and geeky things created by charities is growing by the day.

It started off with Shelter:

You can decorate your house for the World Cup they launched it on Thursday 10th June.

I like the geekiness of it but, even though I am the last person to talk about privacy, this app freaked me out a bit. As it seamlessly links with your FB. And I thought I opted out of that.

Many people have done it though... Would be interesting to know if they raised any money (not that this was the main point).

Then Amnesty International launched this FB app

A bit complicated - I lost interest and then when I realised that I was meant to find photos of my friends to make them team members I gave up.
But apparently, there are many apps like this on FB, so I suppose there is an audience for it.
And again - by accepting the terms of this app you give out access to all your friends, photos, etc... I find this scary but I know that young generations just don't care.

Then Oxfam's

This is using the idea of Eternal Moonwalk a tribute to Michael Jackson which was then used for Stop Climate Chaos' The Wave - sadly this website is now re-directing to SCC website so you can't see how successful it's been.

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