Tuesday, 31 March 2009

eCampaigning forum: Zuhal Sultan, National Youth Orchestra of Iraq

I used the Internet for everything I did around setting up the orchestra.

Looking for a conductor - put up an ad on the internet - 2 famous conductors applied - interviews via Skype.

Strategy to recruit members from different areas
- sent information in three languages
- Audition - asking people to upload videos - had to be under 10MB because the connection is slow. Some people didn't even know how to do it.
- Met a lot of people from all over Iraq - learnt about their struggle. They had over 50 applicants (target was 30)
- online tutorial - before the debut - she's done it with a group in New York. via Skype - and sending recordings and getting the reviews back. Recruiting online tutors
- people from all over the world supportive on Facebook

- tried to have a charity account in the UK - but needs trustees, so not possible to have online donations system
- now has the money from global institutions - UN, British Council


1 supporting campaigners in conflict zones
There are lots of people online in conflict zones. They are chatting but they haven't been supported by people online to do something with the energy they have
- she was encouraged to move on by other campaigning websites
- internet connection is bad. mobile networks are just as bad.

2 Linking up with radio and other media
Easy to communicate with media

3 What's the next step in development of the youth orchestra
Making it sustainable

4 Managed to recruit people with the help of the internet but a lot of offline work as well

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